067 03/39 The Freckled Shark

March 3, 1999 / 0 comments

In his most exotic adventure, the Man of Bronze encounters the insane money lust of Senor Steel, president-dictator of Blanca Grande (a very unfortunate South American republic); decodes the awful secret of Matacumbe; and sinks — for what may be the last time — into the muddy horror of the primitive jungle.

066 01/39 Mad Mesa

January 11, 1999 / 0 comments

In one of the most masterly of Doc Savage adventures, the Man of Bronze is jailed! But all the prison bars in the world could not hold Doc when he was on his way to dispelling the madness in the desert that changes people into other identities!

065 11/38 The Green Death

November 11, 1998 / 5 comments

From Matto Grosso — in the deadly heart of the Green Hell — comes an organic mystery that paralyzes even the Man of Bronze: an oozing horror that wipes out the line between life and death!

063 06/38 The Submarine Mystery

June 8, 1998 / 0 comments

It might be a hoax, and it might not be. Blood has been spilled! People are dead! The Man of Bronze ably confronts a dangerous crackpot scheme that has a baffled world wondering what will happen next.

064 05/38 The Motion Menace

May 17, 1998 / 0 comments

The Man of Bronze and his cousin Pat face an inordinate challenge: a machine that makes all modern weapons worthless. A gang of international thieves in control of the invention are shooting high: World Control.

062 04/38 The Pirate’s Ghost

April 9, 1998 / 0 comments

At his supersensational best, the Man of Bronze finesses an international band of modern day pirates in possession of the master invention by the Mad Genius of Death Valley!

061 01/38 The Living Fire Menace

January 31, 1998 / 0 comments

Nations arming for international conflict engage in a behind-the-scenes mineral war that threatens to disrupt the natural balance of the universe. The Man of Bronze rises to the titanic peak of his strength and wit to uncover the secret of the cavern with the living fire!

072 03/36 The Metal Master

March 19, 1996 / 0 comments

The Metal Master exists and will destroy the world! To stop him, the Man of Bronze and his daring friends launch a search for the source of his amazing power — and find themselves trapped on a sandy deserted island with the Metal Master himself!

071 01/36 Murder Mirage

January 11, 1996 / 6 comments

A blizzard in July and a woman’s image is frozen in glass — how could these bizarre events possibly be connected? To find the answer and save the life of Ranyon Cartheris, the Man of Bronze and his dauntless allies journey to hot desert sands halfway round the world, where they are trapped — perhaps never to emerge — in the ancient underground tombs of Tasunan.

070 08/35 Spook Hole

August 17, 1995 / 0 comments

The Man of Bronze and his trustworthy friends track a one-armed man of mystery to the far reaches of South America — only to find their lives endangered when they discover the amazing secret that Hezemiah Law is guarding so carefully on Spook Hole!

069 05/34 The Mystery on the Snow

May 31, 1994 / 0 comments

In one of his most important adventures, the Man of Bronze journeys north to Canada, and in her magnificent wilderness solves a billion-dollar riddle: Who or What has committed murder — and worse! — to possess the secret of the miracle called Benlanium?

068 05/33 Quest of the Spider

May 31, 1993 / 0 comments

Inside the grim, swamp-surrounded “Castle of the Moccasin,” the Man of Bronze and his faithful, fearless band are trapped — perhaps forever — in an insidious web of evil by a masterdevil known only as the Gray Spider!