064 05/38 The Motion Menace

May 17, 1998 / 0 comments

The Man of Bronze and his cousin Pat face an inordinate challenge: a machine that makes all modern weapons worthless. A gang of international thieves in control of the invention are shooting high: World Control.

014 12/35 The Fantastic Island

December 14, 1995 / 8 comments

It looked just like any other deserted island. But hidden under its tropical sands was a monstrous slave empire, a vast underground network of death pits, giant carnivorous crabs and prehistoric beasts, ruled by the blood-crazed Count Ramadanoff. Blasting their way into this nightmare of horror, Doc Savage and “the fabulous five” embark on their most daring adventure.

013 03/35 Land of Always-Night

March 13, 1995 / 9 comments

With the fate of America hanging in the balance, Doc Savage and his fearless crew battle a hideously white-faced man named Ool who kills merely with a touch of his finger. The only clue to his diabolical power is a mysterious pair of dark goggles which brings death to whomever possesses them. The trail leads to a fabulous lost super-civilization hidden deep in the bowels of the earth, where Doc Savage and his fabulous five face their supreme challenge.

Walter Ryerson Johnson, 1920

Ryerson Johnson

May 16, 1970 / 0 comments

Ryerson Johnson is credited with authoring three Doc Savage novels: Land of Always-Night, The Fantastic Island, and The Motion Menace