133d 01/42 The Rustling Death

January 5, 2002 / 2 comments

A powerful weapon of destruction has been unleashed — a device which can disintegrate the defenseless population. Can Doc and his crew save their country — or will this tool of doom become a madman’s terrifying toy?

131d 09/41 The Mindless Monsters

September 22, 2001 / 0 comments

Senseless, machine-like humans of incredible strength and little humanity are scouring the city, and even Doc Savage is no match for them. Doc races to find a way to destroy them — but the world thinks he’s their leader.

124b 06/41 The Headless Men

June 8, 2001 / 0 comments

A mad scientist has invented a way to decapitate people and let them live as his headless slaves. The Man of Bronze and his crew pursue this deadly genius to Central America, where they are all trapped and captured. Only Doc Savage can prevent the headless horde from taking over the world — but he is strapped to a sacrificial altar and is scheduled to lose his head at midnight!

025 01/41 The Devil’s Playground

January 2, 2001 / 0 comments

Night after night the Indian drums boomed their terrifying portent of evil and destruction. And each night another victim of “the thousand cuts” lay dead in the forest. Doc Savage grapples with the eerie and sinister Michabou, the great spirit of the primitive Ojibway tribe, in the Herculean attempt to cease the senseless blood bath of the Devil’s Tomahawks, and to quiet forever the mysterious drums of murder.

Alan Hathway

May 16, 1970 / 0 comments

Alan Hathway wrote four Doc Savage novels.