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The Doc Savage Waiting Game


For the sake of argument pretend you were born around 1920.Now jump forward to when you turned 13. (Let’s say May 17, 1933.) You’ve been buying each issue of the new Doc Savage Magazine as soon as it hits the newsstand. (Where are you getting the money? You sell Grit.)
You become successful. From Grit you graduate to the New York Times. Continue Reading →

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A 2000 Interview with Will Murray


From the interview…

All of the books you wrote were based on his outlines?
Every one of them.

Does he have any left?
Yeah, I’ve got enough for about seven or eight books. I started about four of them when Bantam Books pulled the plug on the series in ’93.

That’s too bad.
It was too bad, especially since I was caught in the middle of several books. I dearly wish to finish them, and I expect I will at some point, for some publisher. I would love to come in and do some new ones because that also is where a lot of the interest lies. Continue Reading →

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Novel Submission Order

Up From Earth's Center

Doc Savage fans are a particular lot.

Some have read the novels in the order they were published by Bantam. Some insist a better method is to read them in the order they were originally published. The latest “best order” is to read the novels in the order they were “submitted to Street and Smith.” Guess who has that order for you? Continue Reading →

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What is the Hidalgo Trading Company?

The text below was written on the sixth anniversary of the Hidalgo Trading Company, the site I started in September 1996. It’s now almost 13 years of running a Doc Savage site. Some years were lean as Catherine and I spent more time raising the next generation Doc fan, but I’m looking forward to continuing the tradition of the HTC here on DocSavage.org… From September 2002…. What is the Hidalgo Trading Company? Continue Reading →

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