098b 04/45 Cargo Unknown

Chuck Welch
April 2, 2005 - 1945 / Bantam 097-108 / degrouchy / larkin / novel / pulp / stein

4504.jpg 097k.jpgAuthor: Dent

Pulp Cover: Stein

Double Cover: Larkin

New Cover Design: Kez

Doc Savage’s men are on a top secret mission aboard the Pilotfish when the submarine explodes and sinks to the ocean floor. The Man of Bronze tracks down the treacherous vipers behind the sabotage and searches for the purgatory of terror 200 feet below the ocean surface — with only 12 hours of air left!


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  1. Andrew Salmon says:

    CARGO UNKNOWN MAY BE THE BEST DOC SAVAGE ADVENTURE EVER!!! From opening line to last period this one moves at lightspeed. But what sets this one apart from all the docs I have read so far is its visceral quality and depth of feeling. If you want to know how Doc and the Fabulous Five feel about each other, then this is the novel for you. The writing is streamlined, insightful and revealing, showing just how far Doc and Renny will go to help Monk and Ham trapped in a sunken submarine with only 12 hours of air left. And how far they go WILL surprise you! I defy anyone to start this one and NOT finish it in a single sitting. It simply cannot be put down. It is one of the best examples of adventure fiction I have had the pleasure of reading. Regardless of era or genre, this is one hell of a good piece of writing. This one gets my highest recommendation. Cargo Unkown is the 64th Doc I’ve read so far and if the rest are only a tenth as good as this one, I’ll be a happy man. A MASTERPIECE!!