110b 02/44 Death Had Yellow Eyes

Chuck Welch
February 9, 2004 - 1944 / Bantam 109-120 / larkin / moran / novel / pulp / stein

4402.jpg 109.jpg

Out of the darkness, yellow and bodiless eyes peer into the faces of Doc Savage and his crew. And when Monk vanishes inside a locked room, Doc leaps to the rescue — plunging straight into a vicious international maelstrom that could change the course of history!


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  1. Paul Cook says:

    This had one of the best digest covers (by Modest Stein) and Bantam (Larkin). The story deals with an invisibility cloak that exposes only the eyes. It’s a slightly above average war-time Doc Savage novel that reads quite quickly. (It’s one of the Docs, like Whisker of Hercules) that takes a little from an earlier Doc (Spook Legion) and twists it around. It’s also a story that Dent seemed to enjoy writing. It zips right along and has some elements of humor in it.

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