The company responsible for republishing Doc from 1964 to 1990.

The company responsible for republishing Doc from 1964 to 1990.




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  1. Jordan Fr

    I am a french reader of Doc Savage. There are 40 books available in French. But I would ,like to know where in US I could by the 181 books.

    Please inform US if you could indicate to me in which way I could by the total colection.

    Thank you in advance and Best Regards


  2. Scott Kimball

    Frederic, Ebay is an excellent place to look for Doc Savage books. I managed to get the first 93 in just a couple of weeks. I know the double volumes and the Omnibus books are often ridiculously expensive, so books above #93 can be hard to find, and expensive when you do. But the single books, #1 to 93 are easy to get. I have seen ebay auctions for 100 or more Doc Savage books on disc for the computer, but I don’t know much about them. Give ebay a try.

  3. Dear Mr. Kimball,

    Please, do you know if Cond

  4. Andrew Salmon

    Bantam did such a great job presenting Doc to an whole new audience, it’s a wonder they ever stopped and don’t seem interested in producing new work. Take a look at ebay and see how well Doc is selling now 10 years after the last adventure hit the stands. It’s remarkable that a character so wonderfully dated and innocent by today’s standards can produce such devotion to legions of fans. The Bantam books are beautiful little items with the striking artwork and (mostly) black spines. The fact that Bantam was able to reproduce the entire series is something to be grateful for. Imagine if they got 100 stories in when the bottom dropped out of the market. There would 80 stories never reproduced in book form and our collections could never be called complete. I’m hoping that movies like League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (a great film. If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for) and the upcoming Indiana Jones 4 will be a shot in the arm for the pulp market and lead not only to a Doc Savage movie but more adventures in book form. If I was Bantam, I’d be trying to lock up the rights now before the boom hits.

  5. Jonathan Penwell

    Does anybody know if the picture on the back of the Bantam books of Doc and his helpers is an actual picture of actors or just very good artwork? If they are actors, does anybody know their names?

  6. Andy

    I’d like to recommend the site for Doc Savage books of all kinds… it’s the Advanced Book Exchange and pools hundreds of independent booksellers into one site. Once you’ve entered your credit card info, it retains it and you can just order from different shops as though it was a catalog. I wholeheartedly recommend it; I’ve never had a bad experience. You can even find old pulps as well.

  7. John Myhill


    Does anyone know if any of the following single titles were published by Bantam with Black spines? My copies are white and stick out like sore thumbs in my (nearly complete) collection, and I want to know if it’s worth looking for black-spined editions:

    #75 The Land of Fear
    #77 The South Pole Terror
    #84 The Mountain Monster
    #85 The Boss of Terror
    #94 The Hate Genius
    #95 The Red Spider

    In case anyone else out there has a similar question, I have black-spined copies of every other single Bantam (1-96), although I have seen white spined copies of many of these as well.

    By the way, I’d also recommend ABEbooks as well as (i.e. the US Amazon site), in the last couple of months I’ve managed to fill all the gaps in my collection including Omnibuses and doubles at “reasonable” prices, despite being UK based, except for the rarest doubles. All I need now is Goblins/Secret of the Su.

  8. Steve Gurney

    Why do you guys focus on the PJF and Will Murray Doc Savage novels on the home page so much? In the future, please feature some of the great Lester Dent novels. Remember him? He’s the guy who made Doc into the phenomenon that he is….

  9. I have just discovered that Blackmask Books is reprinting the pulps in paperback form, starting with a double issue of The Man of Bronze and The Land of Terror. The cover is black and reflects the two covers of the original pulps they appeared in.

    I still have all my original Bantams in a complete set, and can read them at any time, but I may start getting the new editions as well.

    As of this writing, there are currently 7 of these double-volumes listed with Amazon.

    –Ted R. Blasingame

  10. Mike Gallier

    I am interested in selling (as a lot) the following books. Contact me for more details.
    2 books in 1: Cargo Unknown
    2 books in 1: Death Had Yellow Eyes
    2 books in 1: Devils of the Deep
    2 books in 1: Hell Below
    2 books in 1: Satan Black
    2 books in 1: The Firey Menace
    2 books in 1: The Headless Men
    2 books in 1: The Lost Giant
    2 books in 1: The Screaming Man
    2 books in 1: The Shape of Terror
    2 books in 1: The Talking Devil
    2 books in 1: The Ten Ton Snakes
    2 books in 1: The Three Wild Men
    2 books in 1: They Died Twice
    According to Plan of a One-Eyed Mystic
    Bequest of Evil
    Birds of Death
    Brand of the Werewolf
    Cargo Unknown
    Cold Death
    Colors for Murder
    Danger Lies East
    Death Had Yellow Eyes
    Death in Little Houses
    Death in Silver
    Death Is a Round Black Spot
    Devil on the Moon
    Devils of the Deep
    Dust of Death
    Escape from Loki (Philip Farmer)
    Fear Cay
    Fire and Ice
    Five Fathoms Dead
    Fortress of Solitude
    He Could Stop the World
    Hell Below
    I Died Yesterday
    Jade Ogre
    Jiu San
    King Joe Cay
    Land of Always-Night
    Land of Long Juju
    Lets Kill Ames
    Mad Eyes
    Mad Mesa
    Measures for a Coffin
    Men of Fear
    Merchants of Disaster
    Meteor Menace
    Murder Melody
    Murder Mirage
    Mystery Island
    Mystery on Happy Bones
    Mystery Under the Sea
    No Light to Die By
    Omnibus 1: The All-White Elf
    Omnibus 1: The Angry Canary
    Omnibus 1: The Running Skeletons
    Omnibus 1: The Swooning Lady
    Omnibus 6: Fire and Ice
    Omnibus 6: The Awful Dynasty
    Omnibus 6: The Disappearing Lady
    Omnibus 6: The Magic Forest
    Omnibus 8: The Mental Monster
    Omnibus 8: The Pink Lady
    Omnibus 8: Trouble on Parade
    Omnibus 8: Weird Valley
    Omnibus 11: Colors For Murder
    Omnibus 11: Death is a Round Black Spot
    Omnibus 11: Se-Pah-Poo
    Omnibus 11: The Devil is Jones
    Omnibus 11: Three Times a Corpse
    Omnibus 12: Bequest of Evil
    Omnibus 12: Death in Little Houses
    Omnibus 12: Target For Death
    Omnibus 12: The Death Lady
    Omnibus 12: The Exploding Lake
    Omnibus 13: Return From Cormoral
    Omnibus 13: Terror Wears No Shoes
    Omnibus 13: The Derelict of Skull Shoal
    Omnibus 13: The Green Master
    Omnibus 13: Up From The Earth’s Center
    Omnibus 5: I Died Yesterday
    Omnibus 5: Let’s Kill Ames
    Omnibus 5: No Light to Die By
    Omnibus 5: Once Over Lightly
    Omnibus 5: The Monkey Suit
    Omnibus 9: Birds of Death
    Omnibus 9: Terror Takes 7
    Omnibus 9: The Invisible Box Murders
    Omnibus 9: The Wee Ones
    Once Over Lightly
    Ost [The Magic Island]
    Peril in the North
    Pirate Isle
    Pirate of the Pacific
    Python Isle
    Quest of Qui
    Quest of the Spider
    Red Snow
    Resurrection Day
    Spook Hole
    The Angry Ghost
    The Annihilist
    The Awful Egg
    The Black Spot
    The Boss of Terror
    The Crimson Serpent
    The Czar of Fear
    The Dagger in the Sky
    The Deadly Dwarf
    The Derrick Devil
    The Devil Genghis
    The Devils Playground
    The Evil Gnome
    The Fantastic Island
    The Flaming Falcons
    The Flying Goblin
    The Forgotten Realm
    The Freckled Shark
    The Giggling Ghosts
    The Gold Ogre
    The Golden Man
    The Golden Peril
    The Green Death
    The Green Eagle
    The Hate Genius (Retitled: Violent Night)
    The Haunted Ocean
    The King Maker
    The Land of Fear
    The Land of Terror
    The Living-FireMenace
    The Lost Oasis
    The Magic Island
    The Majii
    The Man of Bronze
    The Man Who Shook the Earth
    The Men Who Smiled No More
    The Mental Wizard
    The Metal Master
    The Midas Man
    The Monsters
    The Motion Menace
    The Mountain Monster
    The Munitions Master
    The Mystery on the Snow
    The Mystic Mullah
    The Other World
    The Phantom City
    The Pirates Ghost
    The Polar Treasure
    The Purple Dragon
    The Red Skull
    The Red Spider
    The Red Terrors
    The Roar Devil
    The Sargasso Ogre
    The Sea Angel
    The Sea Magician
    The Secret in the Sky
    The Seven Agate Devils
    The South Pole Terror
    The Spook Legion
    The Spotted Men
    The Squeaking Goblin
    The Stone Man
    The Submarine Mystery
    The Terror in the Navy
    The Thousand-Headed Man
    The Vanisher
    The Yellow Cloud
    Tunnel Terror
    White Eyes

  11. Tony Gilman

    I understand that some, if not many, of the Doc Savage Bantam books were short printed. Is this true? Can someone steer me in the direction of a site that has info on this? Thanks and SEMPER FI !

  12. Lee Dorrance

    Hi Tony

    By short printed, do you mean abridged?

    For my experience, some Doc novels had small blurbs near the end of the story that gave a brief synopsis of the upcoming adventure in the next month’s issue of the magazine. Bantam removed these since they did not follow the original publication order of the books. Usually it was only a sentence or two that gave the story title and mentioned something that was currently happening that would suck Doc and the boys into it.

    Can anyone else confirm that these blurbs are all that were removed by Bantam?

  13. Richard Hall

    … some Doc novels had small blurbs near the end of the story that gave a brief synopsis of the upcoming adventure … Bantam removed these since they did not follow the original publication order of the books. …

    Can anyone else confirm that these blurbs are all that were removed by Bantam?>>

    Regretfully, NO.
    Bantam edited the original novels.

    Will Murray has been documenting these differences in articles for years, genreally in a column titled “inciDENTals”. Will has shown the pieces missing and some reworking as he uncovers them and has the time, and venue, to publish his research.

    Then again, he has written about Street and Smith editing Dent’s original story.

  14. Tony Gilman

    Hi Lee, and what I mean is are there any short-printed bantam Doc Savage books, perhaps 65,000 for one book, 78,000 for another print run. I had heard some were short-printed as opposed to being mass-produced by the millions. Thanks and SEMPER FI !


  15. g

    Please send list of all doc savage books ,, I’m trying to collect them. but don’t know all the names of the books.. Thanks

  16. Mark

    I have quite a large number of Doc Savage paperbacks in fine to near-mint condition that I would like to sell; I’m not content owning a partial collection, but I really can’t afford to continue to pursue the rest. Thanks!

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