227 05/00 Bleeding Sun


Doc and his courageous crew race to the Far East to combat the Axis plague! Can they solve the mystery of an insidious new weapon certain to turn the tide of the war? What causes the sun to turn red and ships to disappear? Can mere light really turn a man to smoke and ashes? Will Doc and Monk save Ham in time or will he too die under a bleeding sun?

Read the Bleeding Sun, a Doc Savage Novel by Duane Spurlock, at DocSavage.Info




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  1. Willard

    I read this Doc adventure a few months back and found it a very good read. If you love Doc, you will love this story.

  2. Michael Montague

    I was wondering, if anybody out there would happen to know if who currently publishes Doc Savage ? And if there is any way for a guy who wrote 25 or so outlines for new Doc Savage stories can unload them on a bleak and sorrow-filled world that is crying out for bravery, yearning for courage, searching for strength. Now more than ever this world needs Doc Savage!

  3. Michael,

    No one is publishing new Doc novels. I’d take your other question to the Flearun discussion group:


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