220 05/69 Trail of Doomsday


Darryl A. Elliott wrote “TRAIL OF DOOMSDAY by Lohr McKinstry was published in the first (and AFAIK only) issue of Doc Savage Journal, May 1969.”

If you have any information on this novel please write me at fanfic@docsavage.org




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  1. Lohr McKinstry

    I wrote this short novel in 1969, at the request of pulp fan Lynn Myers of Carlisle, Penna. We thought bringing Doc into the modern world would be good, but today I’m not so sure. The second unpublished issue would have featured “KIllers of Kali” by Robert Weinberg.

  2. Steve Donoso

    Where can I read TRAIL OF DOOMSDAY?

  3. kitumbawannabe

    I just heard about this, and I’m pretty curious about it too. Can it be put up somewhere?

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