The Infernal Buddah


“The mad mystery of the Infernal Buddha, as it came to be called, started east of Singapore, which is a speck of an isle off the lowermost tip of Malaysia. It was a fitting day for a mystery to begin, there being a fog, which was highly unusual for that part of the South China Sea.”

The Metal Master was started, abandoned and then re-written from scratch.Will Murray took the notes of that novel to write The Infernal Buddah. Murray abandoned the novel after writing four chapters when Bantam dropped the series. Murray then published the those chapters on Larry Widen’s website until Bantam sent a cease-and-desist letter.

Murray wrote, “The Infernal Buddha is set in 1937, during the time of the Japanese occupation of Manchuria. It takes place after my The Whistling Wraith, which follows Lester Dent’s The Sea Angel. ”

This novel was also based in part on Davis’ first outline for Land of Fear.

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