Laurence Donovan


Laurence Donovan (alias Norman Danberg) wrote nine Doc Savage novels.

Laurence Donovan (alias Norman Danberg) wrote nine Doc Savage novels.



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  1. Thomas Fortenberry

    Well, I hate to down anyone who ever had the honor of writing a Doc Savage tale, much less several of them, but for my money Donovan has to be the worst of the Doc ghost writers. His stories were always the most outlandish, silly, poorly plotted and written of the series. The characters are off, the villains just whack jobs and the plots usually goofy. He seems to throw out the usually grounded Doc Savage “world” where what appears to magic or monsters or outerspace weirdness is in fact just a ploy or some advanced science in action. He seemed to believe Doc Savage should be in fact weird wild magical and unrealistic in the extreme. Anything goes in his books. Wish it weren’t so, but his are the worst of the series.

    Thomas Fortenberry

  2. Jeff

    Donovan did contribute a few clunkers, I have to admit. But COLD DEATH and THE MEN WHO SMILED NO MORE are real gems. For my money, Bogart was the worst ghost, while, although producing a few worthwhile Docs,gave us the two worst: THE DEATH LADY and DEATH IN LITTLE HOUSES. Of all the contemporary ghosts, I found Donovan to be closest to Dent’s — though a little rougher.

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